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Carpet Cleaning

We carpet cleaners like to think of our services as akin to a dentist's job . While what we do is much less personal, to say the least, both dentists and carpet cleaners prefer to work preemptively rather than having to do twice the work later on. Just like getting your teeth cleaned once a year can prevent tooth decay, having your carpets cleaned once (or even better, twice) a year can prevent an array of potential carpet conditions which, when not properly attended to, might require a total carpet replacement.

The Environmental Protection Agency notes that carpet cleaning is beneficial to the fight for clean indoor breathing air. They stress that experts have confirmed that in terms of air pollution, today's indoor air is just as polluted as its outdoor counterparts. In fact, with the amount of chemicals found in our cleaning supplies, kitchens, and our modern day conveniences in general, it really comes as no surprise that the rates of respiratory problems and allergy/asthma have increased many fold over the last years.

Diagnosis: Poor Indoor Air Quality

One of the first steps any expert will suggest for obtaining healthy and quality indoor air is to begin sanitizing from the bottom up. If you are not prepared to rip out your carpet then the next best thing to do is have it professionally cleaned.

Rug Cleaning Houston cleaning specialists professionally clean any type of carpet or area rug using truck mounted steam cleaning machines. The incredible power harnessed in these machines allows for a total overhaul of a carpet and its bacterial contents. With heat temperatures higher than a sauna, nothing except for your carpet stands a chance of survival. Your carpet fibers will thank us by standing firm and tall, but we'll happily give you the credit.

While we're at your home, we'd also be more than happy to provide you with furniture cleaning - to make your upholstery look good and refreshed as your carpets and rugs that were just cleaned.

For more information about our green product policy or for a free price quote on any of our services, please contact us today.

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